Dietitians specializing in long-term care

Dakota Dietitians is here to serve your skilled nutrition needs. We recruit and employ dietitians for contract and temp-to-hire positions across the midwest.

Nutrition Experts in Long-Term Care

We partner with your long-term care community to achieve success through our expertise in...

Person-Centered Care

We focus on residents' unique needs and preferences by ensuring them a greater sense of participation in their nutritional care, food choices, and dining preferences. 

Nutrition Assessments

Our dietitians are skilled in identifying malnutrition upon admission and employ early nutrition interventions that improve nutrition outcomes while securing financial reimbursement.

Survey Readiness

With our dietitians' specialized knowledge of food service operations and nutrition care, we can help you identify, correct, and prevent regulatory compliance issues.

Inservice and Staff Training

Our training and customized inservice programs will give your staff the knowledge and confidence they need to serve your residents' needs effectively.

Quality Measure Improvement

Our dietitians can improve your facility's quality measures linked with nutritional status such as significant weight change and pressure ulcers.

Menu Development & Approvals

Our dietitians ensure your menus are nutritional adequate and reflect your residents' needs and preferences.

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