Dietitian Consultants Who Know Long-Term Care Best

We provide skilled dietitian consulting services for nursing homes, assisted living, and home health care agencies across South Dakota.

Dakota Dietitians

Are you frustrated with:

  • High dietitian turnover?
  • Costly supplement use?
  • Costly nutrition-related tags?
  • Missed opportunities for reimbursement?
  • Poor dietitian performance?
  • The resources you spend searching for a qualified dietitian?

Then Dakota Dietitians is your solution.

We’re Invested in You

Expect great things when you partner with us.

Better Survey Outcomes

We’re skilled in identifying and correcting costly food- and nutrition-related deficiencies before they happen.

More Reimbursement

We’re trained in PDPM and can identify opportunities to increase reimbursement to grow your bottom line.

#1 in Support

We offer unlimited support and make ourselves available to your center’s needs, including whenever surveyors are in your buildings.

Flexible Contract Terms

Whether you need 8 hours per week or 8 hours per month, we can meet your center’s needs with no lengthy contracts.

Skilled Registered Dietitians

We work efficiently, effectively, and thoroughly to save your center time and money and provide you with peace of mind.

A Partner

Dietitian turnover is expensive. That’s why we ensure that your center’s dietitian needs are always covered, no matter what.






Done Deal

We’ll arrange for dietitian consulting services at your center based on your needs.


Worry Less

You can relax knowing that your consultant dietitian is turning your frustrations into satisfaction.

Skilled Consultant Dietitian Services Made Easy

At Dakota Dietitians we know you want to run your nursing or assisted living facility successfully. To do so, you need skilled dietitian services to remain compliant with state and federal regulations. The problem is that finding a dietitian skilled in long-term care is time-consuming and expensive, causing unnecessary frustration and stress. We believe this problem shouldn’t exist, besides, you have much more important things to manage. That’s why we take care of all the responsibilities for you — we connect you with a dietitian who knows long-term care best, hassle-free. There are no confusing, long-term contracts — only flexible terms based on your needs. So, contact us at 605-323-7222 or fill out this form to let us know about your dietitian needs so you can stop worrying and start focusing on the things that truly demand your attention.

Long-term care is our jam but we also provide dietitian consulting services for other healthcare facilities, including clinics and substance abuse treatment centers, across South Dakota.